St. Jude Chemical Biology and Therapeutics Department

Therapeutic Approaches: Small Molecules, Stem Cells

Therapeutic Areas of Expertise: Infectious Diseases, Oncology

Center/Program Highlights:

CBT focuses on the identification of novel chemical leads for clinical development of new therapeutics for catastrophic pediatric disease -- especially pediatric oncology and infectious disease. The department pursues comprehensive preclinical discovery and development including diversity chemistry, lead identification, hit to lead, and lead optimization. The group utilizes PK/TK/PD driven disease models in order to address optimization of small molecules as clinical candidates.

Sources of Funding: Philanthropy, Industry Partnerships, Disease Foundations, Federal/State,


Institutional Affiliation(s): St Jude Children's Research Hospital

262 Danny Thomas Place
Tennessee, 38105
United States

Center/Program Start Date: 2006

Number of Employees: 120