Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

Therapeutic Approaches: Small Molecules

Therapeutic Areas of Expertise: Oncology, chromatin regulation

Center/Program Highlights:

The Center was initiated with funding from across the University and a significant contribution from the University Cancer Research Fund (created by the State Legislature).

The goals of the Center are to:transfer-2

  • Enable interrogation of biology with small molecules resulting in funding of new UNC grant proposals

  • Deliver 1 or more chemical probes or leads per year
  • Establish external collaborations and funding base such that the Center is sustainable
  • Create strong research program in chemical biology of chromatin regulation within the Center that competes effectively for external funding
  • Create mechanisms for student and faculty training and enrichment in the areas of expertise within the Center
  • Create collaborations and intellectual property to translate discoveries to patients

Sources of Funding: Federal/State, Philanthropy, University


Institutional Affiliation(s): UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
125 Mason Farm Road, CB #7363
Chapel Hill
North Carolina, 27599-7363
United States

Center/Program Start Date: 2008

Number of Employees: 75