Broad Institute Imaging Platform

Therapeutic Approaches: We work with a variety of therapeutic approaches

Therapeutic Areas of Expertise: We work with a variety of therapeutic areas

Center/Program Highlights:The Broad Institute's Imaging Platform develops advanced methods to quantify and mine the rich information present in high-throughput, high-content screens. This research group is open to collaboration in developing complex image-based assays involving cells, co-cultures, and whole organisms, as well as Cell Painting, an image-based profiling assay they developed. The team maintains several open-source software packages for image analysis, including CellProfiler, CellProfiler Analyst, cytominer, and Piximi.

Sources of Funding: Federal/State, Philanthropy, Industry Partnerships, Disease Foundations, University, Revenue


Institutional Affiliation(s): Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

415 Main St
Massachusetts, 02142
United States

Center/Program Start Date: 2007

Number of Employees: 10