MSU Drug Discovery Center

Therapeutic Approaches: Biologics, Small Molecules, Vaccines, Antibodies,

Therapeutic Areas of Expertise: Cardiology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Metabolic Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Oncology, Psychiatric Disorders

Center/Program Highlights:

Our new Drug Discovery program is supported by an Assay Development/Drug Repurposing core facility. This will complement the strong existing departmental cores (microscopy, molecular biology, tissue culture, animal surgery, etc.) as well as In Vivo Facility which already provides expertise and resources for preclinical drug-testing and industry contacts. The new core will be available to Pharm/Tox faculty members and others across campus as well. We will bring together faculty and students from multiple departments with interests in drug discovery. We are also recruiting two new junior faculty members for our program.

Sources of Funding: Philanthropy, University, Revenue


Institutional Affiliation(s): Michigan State University

B440 Life Sciences
1355 Bogue St
East Lansing
Michigan, 48824
United States

Center/Program Start Date: 2013

Number of Employees: 6