Better Leads, Better Drugs - Innovation in Screening Libraries

08 May, 2019 - 09 May, 2019

Description: -Event Synopsis-

The Academic Drug Discovery Consortium invites you to hear about the latest ideas in small-molecule library development at, Better Leads, Better Drugs: Innovations in Screening Libraries.

Scientists engaged in drug discovery and chemical biology know that a screen is only as good as the molecules that go into it. But with the vast potential chemical space, how do you decide what to include in your virtual, high-throughput, or fragment-based screens? This event will bring together drug-seekers from academia and industry focused on the application of new technologies and computational tools to tackle this question in order to deliver higher quality leads.

This 1.5-day meeting will create a dynamic, interactive environment for presentations and discussion, and also includes a -day networking session for one on one partnering meetings between participants.

-Exhibition and sponsorship-

An exhibition will take place alongside the conference during refreshment breaks for companies and related organisations who may wish to exhibit. For further information and prices, please email Jayshree Mistry (email below). 

Note: Spaces are limited so early application to secure space for your stand is recommended.


Posters are encouraged. Relevant topics include chemical methodology for library synthesis, design of innovative chemical libraries using computational and experimental approaches, and case studies demonstrating the value of a designed library. Please submit a one-page abstract to Jayshree Mistry (email below) by 15th March 2019 with" Better drugs, Better leads - poster abstract" in the subject line.

-Confirmed Speakers-

DNA-encoded library: Diversity via Building blocks and scaffolds
-Yun Ding, GlaxoSmithKline

Innovative chemical libraries to enable public sector drug repurposing, chemical biology, and novel medicinal chemistry
-Ajit Jadav, NIH/NCATS

Discovery of novel chemistry for new biology from within a billion compounds you can buy in 6 weeks
-John Irwin, UCSF Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Human kinase repurposing strategies for neglected tropical disease drug discovery
-Lori Ferrins, Northeastern University

Designing, Curating and NMR Screening New Fragment Libraries for Discovering Small-molecule Drug Leads
-Stephen LaPlante, University of Quebec, Visiting professor at Broad Institute

Mechanism of action libraries in academic screening
-Jeremy Jenkins, Novartis Institute of Biomedical Sciences

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-Delegate fees-

Members:         $150 USD
Non members: $200 USD 

Students:          $60   USD (food and drink included)
Students:          Free (no food or drink included)

Delegate fees for Members and non-members includes food and beverage for the one and half day event (breakfast, lunch, and reception) and will be provided with the appropriate vouchers. If you are a student and wish to have the food and beverage package, the fee for the vouchers will be $60

-Organizing committee-

Chair: Michelle Arkin, UCSF, Chair for ADDC
Co-chair: Caroline Shamu, Harvard Medical School
Stephen Frye, UNC, ADDC
Matthew Hartman, ADDC
Jayshree Mistry, Modgraph Consultants
Aubrey Mendonca, Chemroutes
Yun Ding, GlaxoSmithKline
Stephen LaPlante, University of Quebec, Visiting professor Broad Institute
Bernard Paul, Carinth Consulting, LLC

*The Academic Drug Discovery Consortium is not affiliated with Harvard University, nor is Academic Drug Discovery Consortium a Harvard University program or activity.

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Contact Name: Jayshree Mistry

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Cost Range: $0-$200

Event Sponsors: Academic Drug Discovery Consortium

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