16 September, 2021 - 16 September, 2021


Join us for breakfast, lunch, or cocktails in your local time zone for our monthly webinar series on bioentrepreneurship.

In this "Things I Wish I Knew" series, we will learn from prominent scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors about their successes, struggles, and the things they wished they knew before starting their journey.



Michael Rosenblatt, Flagship Pioneering

Dr. Rosenblatt is Senior Partner at Flagship Pioneering in Cambridge, MA, a venture firm which creates life sciences companies. Previously, he served as Chief Medical Officer for Merck. Prior to that he was Dean of Tufts University School of Medicine and before that held the Robert Ebert Professorship in Molecular Medicine and then the George R. Minot Professorship of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He served as the President of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) from 1999-2001.

Dr. Rosenblatt has also served as Director of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. During the first of two times at Merck, he co-led the development of alendronate (FOSAMAX), now the leading therapy worldwide for osteoporosis. Most recently, he played several roles in Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine efforts. He has been a founder of biotech companies and is on the board of directors and scientific advisory boards of several. Currently, he is a member of the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows, the Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Dean’s Advisory Committee, and on the research advisory committees of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Children’s Hospital (Boston).

Karl Handelsman, Codon Capital

Karl D. Handelsman is the founder and Managing Partner, Codon Capital, and a key contributor and builder in the US biotech innovation ecosystem. Karl's disciplined approach includes coaching at various incubators and teaching healthcare entrepreneurs, e.g., NSF I-Corps Biotech at the National institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, Stanford, UCSF, and Imperial College London. He was a personal sponsor of SynBioBeta 1.0, and consulting advisor for Stanford SPARK, University of California Catalyst program, and the California Life Sciences Institute FAST program.  Karl received advanced degrees in business from MIT Sloan School of Business (MBA) and in science from Harvard Medical School (MS/Genetics). He has an undergraduate degree from Boston University (Trustee Scholar) in Biology. Prior to venture investing, he worked in Business Development (Tularik and Millenium). In May 2013, he founded Codon Capital after 14 years as a managing director at a major venture fund.

This Seminar series is hosted by the Academic Drug Discovery Consortium (ADDC). The ADDC is a professional society dedicated to building the community of academic drug discovery labs and the companies, universities, and government agencies that support and partner with these centers. 

Upcoming webinars in this series:

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  • November: Regulatory Issues

  • December: Intellectual Property

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