Pre-Clinical( Toxicology, DMPK, Med Chem)

Description: Since 1972, DavosPharma has serviced the pharmaceutical industry, from preclinical to commercial. Over the years, the company has established an excellent reputation in evaluating, coordinating and delivering drug development through our strategic partners. Today, DavosPharma offers a comprehensive, fully integrated global development and manufacturing service model.

DavosPharma’s Global Development and Manufacturing Platform utilizes the single, best capabilities that any particular CRO/CMO has to offer. Our proprietary network of CRO/CMO partners provides a fully integrated development and manufacturing capability that is tailored to the client's specific needs.

DavosPharma’s Global Discovery and Manufacturing Platforms operate in both small molecule and biological therapeutics with established FDA-inspected partners worldwide.

In order to provide a comprehensive, fully integrated CMC platform, DavosPharma has developed expertise in purification, analytical method development, pre-formulation and formulation development, encompassing solid oral dosage, sterile and non-sterile liquids, topical and high potency and cytoxic drug substances.

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