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Screening( in vitro assays, in vitro screens)
Pre-Clinical( Toxicology, Animal Testing)

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"We use Panlabs LeadProfileScreen of 68 primary binding assays to rapidly gain an early understanding of the safety profile of our candidates. A widely recognized screen with data consistently available within 2 weeks. Panlabs has been a great partner in providing excellent screening services."
- Jeff Conn, Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery

Eurofins Panlabs Discovery Pharmacology offers more than 1,200 assays and in vivo models designed to increase your speed, precision and productivity in discovering leads, rank order their safety and efficacy, and develop new therapies. We are the most experienced pharmacology service, in continuous operation for over 40 years, while setting the benchmarks for quality, convenience, and expertise. We also provide unrivaled pharmacological expertise and knowledge, superior data reliability, and innovative solutions for drug discovery. Eurofins Panlabs is committed to a culture of scientific excellence whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards in research.

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