Mass Spectrometry

Screening( in vitro assays, in vitro screens)
Pre-Clinical( Toxicology, Med Chem)


The mass spectrometry facility is equipped with a Triple Quadruple mass spectrometer (Micromass Quattro Micro API, Waters) with ESI and APCI ion sources. The equipment is suitable for the identification and quantification of small molecules in complex matrices, as biological fluids and extracts of natural products. This facility is also equipped with an Ion-Trap (LCQ-Fleet, Thermo) mass spectrometer dedicated to the characterization of proteins and biological conjugates.
The service is available for users on a "do-it-yourself” basis (self-service), for long-term studies. However, an initial training period is required. A technician is also available (full-service)
Equipment is part of the National Mass Spectrometry Network (REDE/1501/REM/2005).

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