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Screening( in vitro screens)
Pre-Clinical( DMPK, Med Chem)

At Waters® Corporation, we understand how to succeed in each stage of the health sciences continuum, from the discovery of new biomarkers, all the way to validation of innovative clinical diagnostics. We bring first-class scientific expertise to bridge the translational gap in health sciences.

Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) technology has expanded our understanding of biological processes - providing clues about an individual's health status and potential drug response.

This highly versatile technology provides modern biomedical researchers with a tool that is both comprehensive and specific, and generates multi-analyte data that is accurate, precise and reproducible. Broadly applicable across the entire health sciences continuum fro discovery through translational research and into clinical diagnostics, and therapeutic disciplines, LC-MS delivers analytical consistency and quality data while reducing the risk of analytical variability.

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