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Screening( in vitro assays, in vitro screens, in vivo (primary and secondary) pharmacology)
Pre-Clinical( Toxicology, DMPK, Med Chem, Animal Testing)
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Presude Lifesciences is an integrated drug discovery and development services organization led by biopharma professionals with global experience. Presude is research driven company with expertise in medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis and biological profiling of drug candidates across a wide range of therapeutic areas including Autoimmunity, Inflammation, Oncology / Immuno-oncology and Anti-infectives. We address a broad spectrum of client needs across drug discovery and development value chain. Presude scientists are experts at taking hits generated either by screening or fragment-based techniques and converting them into molecules with drug-like properties. We routinely perform focused library design and screening coupled with de novo synthesis including exploration into novel chemical space. Modifications of hits are done with the objective to improve selectivity and biochemical and cellular potency along with stability. Presude has rapidly emerged as a valued partner and has succeeded in helping several clients in the biopharmaceutical industry design and synthesize new drugs and to efficiently progress them through development.

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