The goal of the Academic Drug Discovery Consortium (ADDC) is to build a collaborative network among the growing number of university-led drug discovery centers and programs. With this interactive website, we aim to allow scientists to exchange technical expertise on drug discovery and development strategies as well as form partnerships with each other, biopharma companies, and drug discovery-focused contract service organizations and consultants. The website will also serve as a repository for drug discovery events, educational material, job postings, and partnership opportunities. It is with the active participation of each ADDC member that this website will become a valuable tool for every scientist working in the drug discovery arena. In addition, involvement of our members will enable the ADDC to effectively advocate to the NIH and other funding agencies to increase the awareness of the growing number of academic drug discovery scientists and their success as well as their needs.


Institut de Pharmacologie de Sherbrooke (IPS)

Institut de Pharmacologie de Sherbrooke focuses on the discovery of new drugs and new diagnostic agents , as well as the validation of emerging drug targets and new technologies to support drug discovery. Major areas of focus include cardiovascular d...

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Vanderbilt and Astra Zeneca to Develop New Drugs to Treat Psychosis and Other Brain Disorders

Under a new research collaboration agreement, Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery (VCNDD) and Astra Zeneca will work together to develop compounds that act on M4 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor. The agreement entails research fundi...

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